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The business consultancy Wolfgang Vranze (UWV e. U.) is a consulting company located in Grieskirchen, Upper Austria.

Wolfgang Vranze has been in business for over 30 years. Be it as a leader and managing director in international corporations (Austria, South Africa, Taiwan, India) or since 2010 as free-lancing business consultant in Austria.

The goal is to use methods, which are known from quality management, environmental management, work and health management and energy management to optimize the procedures and organization within the company to lower costs.

Furthermore, we prepare businesses for the certification of the individual standards. However, our main goal is to efficiently use the available resources (workforce, machines, finance, …) and increase productivity to lower costs and raise the operating profit.

Together with the business, we will individually choose the appropriate methods and tools which will be implemented into the business.

Additionally, we evaluate the business from the perspective of risk management. Especially in these times, it is essential to think about risks and chances beforehand. Be it from the personal view, market- or environmental view or legal security. Compliance with statutory regulations and guidelines as well as strategic considerations for further development.

Ultimately it is again about avoiding unnecessary costs.

In addition to the decades of practical experience, there is, documented in 2017, a completion of an executive Master stud (EMBA) at the University of Salzburg: executive management with deepening in "integrated management systems". Together with certifications as CMC (Certified Management Consultant), Risk Manager and Quality Systems Manager / -auditor, we have the highest qualifications in the offered services.

However, the theory does not stand in the foreground, but the implementation in practice.

When one thinks of cost reduction, one should think of the business consultancy Wolfgang Vranze.

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