Production Organization

When was the last time that the flow of goods and the production layout was analyzed?

  • Goods and value stream analysis
  • “Just in time” production
  • Synchronized production
  • Avoidance of thriftlessness
  • Optimization of production layout
  • Shelf life and down time
  • Lot size
  • Ergonomically designed working environment

Often production facilities have grown over the years. New machines were acquired, resulting in a suboptimal flow of goods due to an outdated and non-practical layout.
Old and no longer needed production units obstruct, block and use valuable and expensive space (space wasted) because of “tradition”.
New insight and perspectives are attained by analyzing operating procedures to avoid “organizational blindness”. Past experiences and know-how of other organizations and industries assure the utilization of new possibilities to increase productivity, quality and flexibility.

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