Process Optimization

Are the operational sequences in your company defined in these terms: “We always did it this way!“?

  • We have a look at the structures
  • Analysis of core business processes and procedures
  • Examination of interfaces
  • Analysis of responsibilities and liabilities

Often grown structures and processes are outdated and suboptimal:

  • Are all procedures and business processes sensibly structured and optimized for target achievement?
  • Are reliable personnel in charge and do they have the necessary competencies?
  • Are the competencies documented, traceable and goal orientated?
  • Are the interfaces defined and is the interaction between the processes transparent and comprehensive?

Only by documenting the processes are you automatically forced to think about the procedures at least once. Most of the time small matters make a huge difference when interacting between divisions or departments but are extremely helpful when it comes to work environment and consequently add to the performance data.

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